Ants Randmaa

My name is Ants. I was born in January 1949.
My parents could not know then about my radio interests, but still they named me Ants.  

Now several friends have asked, is my name somehow connected to antennas.  


Correct answer to this question is - no. Ants is Estonian name. Worldwide more known as Hans. 

I received my first license in 1968 for call UR2RQT. I received my shorter call UR2RQ in 1984 and today's call ES6RQ in 1-st of January 1990. 

I am member of Estonian Radio Amateur Union (ERAU). National qualification class “A”, cept license class T/R. 

Years ago I was QRV in short-waves, but last 30 years my real interests are working on VHF and UHF bands. Today I am QRV in all modes - 50, 70, 144, 432 and 1296 MHz. 

I made first EME connection on 144 MHz in January 1982. Since I am active in 4 bands EME. 

I left out period between 1989 – 2000, while I was establishing and building up log houses producing company and had no time for radio amateurism.