I do not have much pictures from period of beginning in 1968, but here is antenna forest in year 1980.
Home shack in years 1984-1985 Through 50 years every summer in Estonia ham camps are taking place. 
Earlier VHF and UHF meetings were organized separately from HF meetings. In year 1982 organizers were ES6RQ, ES6DO and ES6LBN. 
Participants are checking out my antennas. 
Third picture is of pennant from that time.
Home made 8x16 el. F9FT (year 1980-1981)
With these antennas first 144 MHz EME QSO from Estonia was made in January 1982. In year 2000 (after ten year break) I built next antenna system
144 MHz 4x18 el. DJ9BV 
432 MHz 12x15 el. DJ9BV 
Antennas 50 and 144 MHz. I used these antennas till December 2008. They there made of 8x17 el.  2M5WL
Years ago I was active in competitions. Here we are on the tower top of highest and only mountain Suur Munam├Ągi in Estonia. Tower top h=346,7m from sea level.  144 MHz PA (tube GS23B) served me many years.